The Hidden Component of Successful Online Learning

You know how it can be with online learning.  You plan a great lesson, give some killer explanations and have some neat tasks planned.  But, there’s that nagging feeling. The students aren’t learning as best as they could in the classroom.  What’s going on here?  The Hidden Component Arguably there are some parts of teaching … Continue reading The Hidden Component of Successful Online Learning

Maps and Variation Theory

The Problem  Present a student with this map - and they can tell you each of the continents and oceans. But, present them with this image… and, the student can’t tell you what continent they’re looking at.  The bane of every geography teacher’s life.  The easy starter activity that suddenly derails the lesson.  So what’s … Continue reading Maps and Variation Theory


Knowledge Organisers – A Failed Revolution

A young apprentice, tired of having to carry pails of water, enchants a broom to complete the task for him. An ingenious solution, until the apprentice realises his new tool is out of control. Soon enough, the broom has multiplied exponentially. Now, the brooms carry so much water that the room begins to flood. Disaster … Continue reading Knowledge Organisers – A Failed Revolution